this little friendly(unfriendly) game is speaking truth(lie)!

Show some love(bullets) to friendly bot!(boss)

platformer shooter

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submission for comunity game jam 2019

wasd = movement

left mouse button = shooting

Monster Laugh.flac Copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch, CC-BY3 license.


Music (or "8Bit Introduction" song) by Tristan Lohengrin :

 Arcade Music Loop by joshuaempyre. He is on freesound


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thanks :)

First I was confused that what I should do but then I read the description again and figured it out :D Nice game and clever idea, camera could be more upper than it is right now, but not a big deal :)

if you don´t like something just write comment. Or if you like something let me know :)

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